alvaroRiosIzquierdoAlvaro Rios Izquierdo (Spain)

Alvaro Rios Izquierdo has bred Boxers under the affix "De Bellaterra" for many years, having raised animals that have achieved great triumphs such as Agatha de Bellaterra, Maximo de Bellaterra, Sabina de Bellaterra, Heineken de Bellaterra, Olimpo de Bellaterra, Flagman de Bellaterra, etc. Undoubtedly the dog that occupies a special place in his heart is Nicos V.D. Burg Singidunum with whom he won Atibox in 2009 and the World Dog Show in 2011. As a handler he has also achieved great success with Thor de Borelcan, Ferrary de las Arillas, Lobo V.D. Burg Singidunum, etc.

He is a specialist boxer breed judge in addition to an International FCI Judge of the breeds Dogo Aleman, Rottweiler, Doberman and Spanish Mastin, and has judged both in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, France and Germany. In 2016 he had the pleasure of judging the Italian Championship of the Year.

Since 2007 Alvaro is a Member of the Committee of the Bóxer Club of Spain, and its President since 2015.

mathiasWolfMathias Wolf (Germany)

Mathias Wolf first discovered the Boxer at a dog show in Munich in 1995 and after doing some research he knew: The Boxer was the breed for him!
His first Boxer was Barbie von der Bismarcksäule, a daughter of Nando von der Flachswiese. He quickly joined the German Boxer Club and with Barbie he made his first working trial experiences.

In 1998 he started his career as a handler with Zoff vom Hause Rehberg and once in a lifetime story began: Zoff became a very successful show dog and sire of many litters, incl. the foundation litter with Barbie of his Kennel “vom Schwanenschloss”. To date he has bred 22 litters, including several multi champions such as Caos, Choco-Chanel, Godewind, Naomi-Campell and Olivia vom Schwanenschloss.

At the German Boxer Club he has occupied several positions such as Group Chairman and Group Responsible for Dog Training & Education and Breeding activities. As a member of the German Boxer Club AZKW (Commission for Breeding and “Körung”), he is responsible for the “ZTP” and “Körung”. Mathias was licensed as specialist Judge for Boxers in 2012. Since 2015 also for “Körung” and since 2016 certified trainer of Specialist Boxer Judge apprentices.

One of his special personal interest are the Seminars for “the Functionality of Boxer Anatomy” and “The head of the Boxer”. Since 2016 more than 500 participant have joined Mathias’ Seminars.


Giuseppe Marco Nugnes (Italy)

Giuseppe Marco Nugnes’ experience with Boxer goes back to 1992 and he raised his first litter in 1993. He has been breeding under the name “del Quinto Canto” since 2000 with his first win at an ATIBOX show in 2001 with the female Fata del Quinto Canto. In the following years he made up many Italian, Club and international Champions.

Giuseppe also has experience in working with Boxers, having trained and competed with many, always from his kennel. With the female Astrid he gained the title of BCI Club Working Champion, and was also part of the Italian team at ATIBOX FH Championship in Kladruby (CZ) in 2003. With one of his boxers, Pablo del Quinto Canto, he was in the Italian IPO 3 team at the ATIBOX WM Championship 2013 in Torino.

Giuseppe belongs to the new generation of Italian judges, having been judging since 2012, after years of practice under the guidance of Paola Watten. He has judged at many national, international and specialty shows of BCI, the most important of which was the International specialty Show in Milano 2016. He is also a Judge Trainer since 2015 having the honour to prepare new Italian judges.


Ingrid Anderson (Sweden)

Ingrid Anderson has had Boxers since 1961, and started to breed under her prefix Impressive in 1975. Her first brood bitch was from the Marbelton Boxers in England, who produced her first CC-winner, Impressive’s Amalia. The daughter of another bitch from the Marbeltons - with mostly Dutch bloodlines - gave Ingrid her first homebred champion, Korad SUCH NUCH Impressive’s Fairchance.

She has bred 51 litters and 17 Champions to date, one of them an Obedience Champion. There are also several Champions in second and third generation in other Swedish and Norwegian kennels.

She has been on the Board of the southern branch of the Swedish Boxer Club for more than 10 years. In the early 1990’s she launched courses for new breeders to increase their knowledge in the breed’s standard, anatomy and genetics, incl. the author of an illustrated compendium of the breed standard.

In 1992 she started her judging career at championship level, so far having judged boxers frequently at Specialty shows in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia and Poland, France, Germany and recently in England and Slovenia, in addition to International Kennel Club Shows in the Scandinavia and Estonia.


Jozef Šuster (Slovakia)

Jozef Šuster has been close to animals since childhood and mainly dogs. In 1982 he acquired his first boxer and in 1985 raised his first Boxer litter. During more than 33 years, 10 generations of his Edda, later Fender Edda (FCI kennel names), have been bred.

Although he became an FCI judge on a national and international level, he never felt a desire to judge other breeds he is not personally close to. That is why, in addition to Boxers, he only judges Chihuahuas, the breed of his daughter.

Josef has been the Secretary of the Slovakian Boxer Club during several election periods and later, he has been the President of the club, which despite not too large number of members, managed to organize the World Boxer Championship IPO 4 times, the World Boxer Championship FH - once, and twice the ATIBOX World Show.

He is devoted to cynology, also in the professional part of his life, and for more than 28 years, he has been the publisher of the specialist magazine Kynologická revue. Since 2013 he has been the President of the Union of cynological clubs in Slovakia - cynological organisation in Slovakia of 41 clubs - and he has also been member of Slovakian Kennel Club presidium since that time.


Tetyana Bilorus (Ukraine)

Tetyana Bilorus’ first boxer appeared in her life as a pet in 1989. Her breeding experience began a few years later, when she acquired Aylia who produced three litters. In 1996 Tetyana made her debut in the show world with her Hungarian import Angel fon Spartacus.

Her boxer breeding kennel Brist Art Nordom was founded in 2004, and have gained top titles such as World Champion, Young Champions of Europe, ATIBOX Champion, Junior Champion ATIBOX, Champion of Ukraine and other countries. Her Germiona NorDom became World Champion and Best of Breed at the World Championship 2009.

Tetyana is a FCI Judge, Vice President of the Ukrainian Boxer Breed Club of Ukraine, Member of the Kennel Union of Ukraine and the Head of the Boxer breed in the Donetsk branch of UKU in addition to being a Training & Breeding Instructor.


Tuula Seppälä (Finland)

Tuula Seppälä had her first Boxer in 1980 when she was 12 years old, and ever since it has been her favourite breed. She was very lucky with her first Boxer; she became a Champion and gave birth to her first litter in 1984. Tuula’s prefix is Chamentine`s and she has bred 11 litters of Boxers and one litter of Boston Terriers with very nice results. Over the years she has owned and shown Cairn Terriers, Fox Terriers (smooth) and Pugs, also having imported Boxers from the Netherlands, Belgium, England and Belarus. At the moment she has one Boxer and two old Boston Terriers at home.

She has been an active member in Finnish Boxer Club for many years and was representing the Boxer Club at the Finnish Kennel Club Breed Council for 12 years. Nowadays she is a member of the committee that teaches new judges.

In 1999 Tuula was approved to judge Boxers , and is now licensed to judge several breeds from the FCI group 2 & 9. Her first judging appointment abroad was in Sweden in 2000, and so far having had the pleasure of judging Boxers in Australia, England, Estonia, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Russia and New-Zealand. Travelling and seeing Boxers in other countries she founds very interesting and instructive.


Wenche Eikeseth (Norway)

Wenche Eikeseth grew up hearing about the boxers her grandparents had in the 1920ies, and when she bought her first dog in 1960 it had to be a Boxer. She very soon became a member of the board of the Norwegian Boxer Club and later its Chairman, and was the editor of the club magazine for many years; also the author of the book ”The Boxer in Norway”. She showed boxers for many years.

Today she and her husband Øystein, also an authorized boxer judge, have a few boxers. She is an honorary member of the Norwegian Boxer Club.

Wenche has been an authorized judged of boxers for 40 years. She is today qualified to judge many other breeds.

Besides having judged in all Scandinavian countries, she has also judged in Russia, Indonesia, Australia in many countries in Europe. Wenche has been the Chairman of the Standard Commission of the Norwegian Kennel Club for almost 20 years and secretary of the FCI Show Commission. She is a co-author of the textbooks in anatomy used by the Norwegian Kennel Club in education of show judges, and also a popular instructor in courses of dog anatomy held all over Norway. In 2014 Wenche received the honorary needle in gold from the Norwegian Kennel Club.