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Statistics Judges and Classes

You will find it on the bottom of the list of Judges and Rings


Programme updated

You will find the updated programme at


Judges decided for final rings

You will find the list updated at


Cropped ears/tails

Boxers born after January 1, 2013 with cropped ears and/or docked tails cannot take part at the ATIBOX World Boxer Show. Boxers born before January 1, 2103 may participate at the ATIBOX World Boxer Show, if the national legal regulation of the organizing country allows cropped and docked boxers to be exhibited, and in accordance with the legal regulations of their domicile countries, cannot be discriminated and their qualification must be made solely on the basis of the breed standard. Generally, where allowed, the judging of both cropped and uncropped and/or docked and undocked boxers must be done without any discrimination and solely in accordance with the valid breed standard. 
Also available in Russian; at



Newsletter #6 is now available for download

Newsletter 6 april 2018 Page 1
















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QUESTION: Will there be a veterinarian on site to stamp the dogs passport?

Yes! There will be a veterinarian available. Exact time will be announced during the show


Puppies under registration

Please note: For Puppies entered in Baby or Puppy Classes, still under registration and without a registration number, country of registration must be entered in the "Registered in" field, and "Under Reg." must be entered in the "Registration number" field.


Working Class Certficate

Note 1: The original 'Working Class Certificate' document must be accompanied to and presented at the show on participating in the Working Class. This also applies to the Swedish dogs.

Note 2: Non-Swedish dogs competing for the Swedish Certificate must present an original Working Class Certificate (WCC).



QUESTION: I would like to sign up my puppy for the show but I have not yet received the registration number from the kennel club.

Just enter "UNDER REG" in the field "Registration number". When you have received the registration number let us know and we will update the entry.



Newsletter #5 is now available for download


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QUESTION: How do I send my dogs pedigree in with its entry?

When you register with the registration form you will have an opportunity to upload the documents in step two. There is also a link to the upload form on the confirmation email (or use the QR code provided and your phones camera), you may also use the "Track entry" function where there is a link to the upload form.

Other possibilities are to send copies by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or posting paper copies to Ulrika Edgren, Aspnäsvägen 6 1 tr, SE-18143 Lidingö, SWEDEN
(Accepted files formats are PDF, JPG and PNG)



Newsletter #4 is now available for download


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Updated Ring Planning

A more detailed ring planning is now available




Overview over Malmö and the Show Ground

A couple of arial photos (courtesy of Google Maps). As you can see there are ample parking possibilities very close to the show ground. Most of the hotels are located in the city center. The main hotel "Park Inn" is located in the fashionable Western Harbour district. The camp site First Camp Malmö is located just by the Öresund bridge and the temporary camp site adjacent to the show ground.




Open for registration

Today we open for registration.

Register here


An offer you can't refuse!

How about the opportunity to buy a show tent with your kennel name, or company name, or personal name, and ATIBOX 2018 printed on it?


A very special offer! There are only eight tents available, and the price is extraordinary 250 euro/2 450 SEK. You order and pay for it and it will be used in the ring by the judges during the show in May. It will be yours to take home after the show on Sunday – perhaps it was the one in the final ring?

But you must HURRY – the first eight to order and pay get one of these exclusive tents.

Order by mailing to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Open for registration

Today we open for registration.

Register here


Only five rooms left

Only five rooms are now left at Park Inn by Radisson during May 25 to May 27


Open for registration

Today we open for registration.

Register here


Camping and cabins

All cabins at First Camp Malmö are now booked according to the camp site, but there are still camping spots available.

Other possibilities are:

  • Falsterbo Camping Resort - beautifully situated just by the Baltic Sea in the small village of Falsterbo south of Malmö approx 30 min (32 km) from the show ground.
  • Habo Ljung Camping - situated very close the Öresund strait close to the village of Lomma north of Malmö approx 30 min (22 km) from the show ground.
  • Barsebäck Strand - situated just by the Öresund strait in beautiful nature north of Malmö approx 40 min (36 km) from the show ground.

There is also an RV-park at the Lagunen marina very close to the show ground, less than 1 km from the show ground by foot.

And finally there will be the temporary camp site just by the show ground for which you can make an enquiry here.


Newsletter #2

With information about the judges and opening date for entry Atibox 2018!

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The Ring Planning

The Ring Planning incl. parking, temporary camping, sales areas and resturants etc is now complete. Click here for more info



Newsletter #1

First newsletter for ATIBOX 2018! Read and subscribe!

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Ring planning

The ring planning is now complete and presented,

[Read about it here...]




The sun is setting over the old bath house and the calm sea



The western harbour district with the Turning Torso


Dancing on the beach in the mild summer night





The recommended camp site is First Camp Malmö ( It is located at the sea just by the Öresund Bridge about 3.5 km from the show ground. Online booking will open in approx. 3 weeks. Or you may book by phone +46 40 15 51 65. Please specify the booking code ATIBOX2018 to obtain the reduced rate. 

There will also be a temporary site just by the show ground with limited facilities (less than 50 m). Electricity will be available, toilets and shower posibilites nearby. Currently not available for booking. More info will follow.

Other nearby camping sites are:

  • Falsterbo resort: Just south of Malmö in the outskirts of the old village Falsterbo, beautifully situated just by the Baltic sea. Approx. 30 km / 35 min from the show ground.
  • Habo Ljung: North of Malmö, by the Öresund strait, just outside the village of Lomma. Approx. 20 km / 25 min from the show ground.
  • Barsebäck strand: A little bit further north. Very close to the sea and very close to the nature. Approx. 33 km / 30 min from the show ground.


Facebook page launched

We have now launched our official Facebook page. You will find it at

Please enjoy !




The Video

Please check out our video about Malmö and the region (remember to turn on the sound)!

Feel free to share the video on your website or on any social media using this link:



We are proud to announce the official launch of the Atibox 2018 web site

It is filled with the latest information about Atibox World Show 2018 in Malmö Sweden, May 26-27 and designed with a fresh look and user-friendly navigation.

So please pop in and browse through the pages.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestion please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact page.

We hope you will enjoy our site!